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Mal 'ne Frage, Herr Narayen: "Wie sieht Adobes Strategie bei HTML 5 vs. Flash aus?"

In dem Analyst Call von Adobe Systems beantwortete Adobes CEO Shantanu Narayen auch die Frage bzgl. der Strategie Adobes bei HTML 5 und Flash. Beide Technologien versprechen Rich Media Anwendungen im Web. Screen2.0 führt eine neue Rubrik namens "Mal 'ne Frage" ein. Die Message: "Wir unterstützen offene Standards in unseren Web Development Tools. Aber angesichts der Fragmentierung der Browser-Standards wird Flash sogar eher noch wichtiger."

Shantanu Narayen: "Sure. So I mean, to the extent that an improved HTML standard accelerates innovation and consistent reach for web content, we’re very supportive and clearly from the perspective of our tools, we will support the creation and management of HTML content to the level that they want.
I think it speaks increasingly to the realization that rich Internet applications and delivering engaging experiences is increasingly important to all of our customers. I think the challenge for HTLM 5 will continue to be how do you get a consistent display of HTML 5 across browsers. And when you think about when the rollout plans that are currently being talked about, they feel like it might be a decade before HTML 5 sees standardization across the number of browsers that are going to be out there.
So clearly supportive in terms of making sure as HTML 5 is evolving that we will support it in our web authoring tools but from the perspective of continuing to drive Flash and innovation around Flash and rich Internet applications, we still think that actually the fragmentation of browsers makes Flash even more important rather than less important."

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