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Multi-Screen-Grid-System "Less Framework 3": CSS-Layouts für Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks und große Screens

Mit Hilfe des Open-Soucre-Projektes "Less Framework 3" des finnischen Web-Designers Joni Korpi sollen Multi-Screen-Layouts stark vereinfacht werden. Mit einem Grid-Layout-System in vier Basis-Layouts und Inline-Media-Queries sollen alle wichtigen Screen-Größen vom Smartphgone bis zum großen Desktop-Monitor ermöglicht werden.

Joni Korpi über sein Updates seines Grid-Layout-Systems: "Less Framework is a cross-device CSS grid system based on using inline media queries.

The idea is to first create a default layout normally, and then additional layouts using inline media queries. Any browsers incompatible with media queries will simply ignore all the additional layouts, and will only use the default one. The additional layouts will inherit any styles given to the default layout, so coding them is a breeze.

All four of the layouts included in Less Framework share a common column-width and gutter-width, which makes it easy to design them consistently. Also included are two sets of typography presets, composed around a baseline grid of 24 px."

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