hints & tips, links // 2011.04.20 08:42:40 [hh]

"OnePager": interaktive Web-Siten mit animiertem Content

Wer schon immer mal eine Web-Site bauen wollte, die alle Informationen enthält und durch Klicks Details angezeigt oder verborgen werden. Ein simples Open-Source-DHTML-Projekt namens "OnePager" ("A library website template that allows your patrons to find what they want.") hilft dabei.

"One-Pager is...
simple. It is purposefully constraining so your site contains important info and nothing more.

usability tested. We've tested the site and it received a 95% task completion rate. You should test it again once you've customized it.

accessible. The javascript degrades gracefully.

mobile ready. It works on all sorts of browsers (and looks stunning on the iPad).

flexible. Change the color scheme and formatting to suit your library.

free. Download the code and use it."

Direkter Link: onepager