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FTP-Client in "JavaScript"

Noch ein "JavaScript"-Nerd-Projekt: "jsFTP" ist ein Open-Source-Projekt von Sergi Mansilla (Senior Developer bei dem Online-Service, das eine leichtgewichtige und saubere Implementierung des FTP-Protokolls bieten soll. Damit können in "JavaScript"FTP-Uploads und -Downloads realisiert werden.

Der Autor: "jsftp is a client FTP module for NodeJS that focuses on correctness, clarity and conciseness. It doesn't get in the middle of the user intentions.

jsftp gives the user access to all the raw commands of FTP in form of methods in the Ftp object. It also provides several convenience methods for actions that require complex chains of commands (e.g. uploading and retrieving files). When commands succeed they always pass the response of the server to the callback, in the form of an object that contains two properties: code, which is the response code of the FTP operation, and text, which is the complete text of the response."

Direkter Link: sergi/ jsftp