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Halbzeit: "Boston Globe" mit beeindruckenden Bildern von der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2010 in Südafrika

Der "Boston Globe" hat unter dem Titel "Halfway in - 2010 World Cup" (mal wieder) eine ganze Reihe (genauer: 43) sehr guter Fotos von der ersten Hälfte der Fußball-WM in Südafrika online veröffentlicht.

"Nearly halfway through the month-long 2010 World Cup Tournament in South Africa, over a dozen teams have been eliminated from the original group of 32, with the Round of 16 beginning tomorrow, June 26th. Television and web viewership has been setting records all over the world as supporters tune in to watch the events in South Africa and react along with the fans and players in the stadiums as they celebrate their wins and suffer through losses. Collected here are recent photos from the 2010 World Cup, as some of the players and their supporters have been experiencing it - in South Africa and around the globe. (43 photos total)"

Direkter Link: bigpicture/ 2010/ 06/ halfway_in_-_2010_world_cup.html