news // 2009.05.14 08:30:54 [hh]

"Prism": aus Web-Sites Desktop-Anwendungen machen

Nach Adobes "Integrated Runtime" (AIR) hat jetzt auch Mozilla Labs eine Technologie, um aus Web-Sites Desktop-Anwendungen zu machen. "Prism" erlaubt, für eine bestimmte URL eine doppelklickbare Anwendung zu generieren.

Mozilla Labs: "Eighteen months ago, we introduced an experimental project called Prism with the goal to “to bridge the divide in the user experience between web applications and desktop apps and to explore new usability models as the line between traditional desktop and new web applications continues to blur.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the beta version of Prism 1.0. It’s the culmination of more than a year of real-world use by companies like Yahoo! Zimbra, DesignLinks International and many others.
Tens of thousands of end users have installed Prism-enabled sites. Based on their feedback, as well as the experience of website creators, we’ve added new features to bring the user experience of web apps even closer to that of their desktop counterparts. We are particularly excited by these features because they’ve been informed by the many real-world applications currently using Prism:

You can find out more about Prism 1.0 beta and download the standalone version and Firefox extension from our new Prism website at
The ability to run stand-alone web apps and access them like normal desktop apps provides instant benefits to end users. However, a number of the advantages are only available when software developers take advantage of Prism-specific features. With the release of Prism 1.0 beta we are ready to start fostering an ecosystem that makes it easier for developers to create and distribute compelling web app bundles."

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