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"Mapping a Day in the Life of Twitter"

Ein interessantes kleines "Forschungs-Projekt" von Chris McDowall visualisiert die Twitter-Aktivität auf dem Globus über 24 Stunden. Die Aktivitäten in Djakarta waren für usn ziemlich überraschend. Ansonsten zeigt diese Karte auch gleichzeitig privilegierte Regionen auf diesem Planeten.

Chris McDowall: "Last week I hooked a computer up to the Twitter data firehose and, over the course of a day, grabbed every tweet that had geographic coordinates. I wrote a Python script to parse the 2GB of JSON files and used Matplotlib with the Basemap extension to animate 25 hours of data on a world map. The resulting animation plots almost 530,000 tweets -- and remember these are just tweets with geo-coordinates enabled.

Each frame of the animation represents one minute of tweets. The animation runs at ten frames per second. I represent each tweet as a small white circle at two percent opacity. At the moment a tweet occurs I plot it at ten point size. Every minute that passes I drop the marker size by one point until it disappears."

Und er macht einige interessante Beobachtungen bei dieser Versuchsanordnung:
"- It is possible to infer the passage of the sun across the map as data begins to stream out of mobile phones and desktops and previously dark patches of the map begin to glow white.
- At 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 GMT waves of tweets pass across the United States from East to West. This is an automated Twitter service that tweets local news for specific ZIP codes.
- Turn your attention to Indonesia. Jakarta glows as brightly as New York and San Francisco.
- Note the black spots. With the exception of a few cities, such as Lagos and Johannesburg, Africa remains the dark continent.

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