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Video-Portal "": Best of Best of ...

Das Video-Portal "Magma" (erreichbar unter "") bietet eine Zusammenstellung der populärsten Videos ("Top 10" und "Top 100") der Portale "Youtube", "Hulu", "Vimeo", "Dailymotion", "Twitter", "Icerocket", "StumbleUpon", "Digg", "Delicious" und "Reddit", sowie weitere Selektionen von Usern und Online-Medien.

Die Macher: "The Magma home page is comprised of video charts for the most popular videos being watched, right now. Every video is given a score from a low of 1 to a high of 11, an indication of how popular the video has become. This is determined by the amount of related videos, views, comments and social media activity from all around the web."

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