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"Tapeworks": so hübsch kann braunes Paketband sein

Der Ukrainer Mark Khaisman zeigt auf seiner Web-Site interessante Arbeiten mit profanem beige-braunem transluzentem Paket-Klebeband auf Plexiglas. Der in Kiew geborene Künstler studierte Architektur in Rußland, bevor er in die USA übersiedelte. Die mit Tapeworks" betitelten Retro-Werke sind so etwas wie "Illustration Unplugged". Sehr spannend, findet Screen2.0.

Khaisman über seine Motivation: "When I came across this technique, I very soon discovered the power of resistance presented by it, I mean, not just as a difficult medium, but also almost as a difficult partner. It would glorify one theme and ruin another. I found a great pleasure in working with such a capricious material (every artist knows that the more the restrictions the better the outcome).
Well, as you know, my technique involves layering and intersecting; while doing it I was contemplating on the layering and intersecting of universal and personal meanings and memories. People react to my tapes because it talks to them on many levels starting from the very basic level of tactile feeling - almost everyone hold this tape in their hands and is familiar with the sensation of striking a line with it. Many may almost feel it and hear the sound of adhesive being pulled off the roll. And then I build on it. I add the images, which are as familiar as the material itself. I wouldn't call my tapes photography based; they are image based. They are about recognition: recognition of a tactile sensation, recognition of an image, recognition of a memory. They are very much play-it-again; it is the very essence of my work. When I work on the image, I try to keep it on that edge of almost falling apart, so that an eye of a viewer was given the challenge of assembling it in recognizable shape. And after the first moment of visual recognition the joy of memory recognition should come. At least that's how I want it to be."

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