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"Onexposure": handsortierte Top-Shots

"Photo community with a difference": Nur Top-Shots finden sich in der englischsprachigen Web-Site des schwedischen Kunstprojekts "Onexposure", das von den Amateurfotografen Jacob Jovelou und Ralf Stelander gegründet wurde. Die Bilder sind allesamt handsortierte Meisterwerke von Amateuren und Profis. Screen2.0 mal wieder mit einem interessanten und inspirierenden Link, sowie alle Hintergründe zum Projekt.

Fragen und Antworten der Macher (in englisch)

What is "Onexposure"? "Onexposure" is an arts project and a photo community with a difference. Take the most talented photo bloggers of the web and other famous photographers as well as many serious amateurs, select their best work and put it all in one place - there you have "Onexposure". Everyone is welcome to contribute, but every photo is screened, which means it has to be approved by an editor before being published. "Onexposure" is like a constantly evolving high class photo gallery with new art every day. We don't judge over good and bad, or over art, we merely decide if a photo fits into our gallery or not. Like in an arts gallery, you can buy many of the photos as prints and hang them on your wall. "Onexposure" also offers a premium membership, which includes unlimited image hosting and your own professional homepage with complete control over what photos to display.
We created "Onexposure" because we missed an online collection of only high quality photos, we thought the photo critique was too brief on other sites and we wanted a site that was elegant and easy to navigate. Our mission is to be a source of inspiration and ultimately finding the sublime together, but if the latter doesn't succeed we believe that everyone will develop as photographers and make some friends along the journey.

Why become a member? As a member of "Onexposure" you have the opportunity to participate in a unique arts project. Your published photos will be seen by hundreds or thousands of unique individuals, they will be widely commented and we will assist you in selling prints if you wish to. You will receive in-depth photo critique on all of your photos by submitting them to the forum. Not the least, you will be part of a friendly community of talented photographers and likely make a lot of new friends from all over the world!
If you buy the premium membership you will get your own professional customizable photo homepage and blog, with unlimited uploads and elegant design. Even if you are not a photographer, as a member you can participate in the forum, organize your favorite photos into albums and influence what's being published on "Onexposure" by voting in member screening. All of this for free!

What are the benefits of being a paying member? There are two paid memberships on "Onexposure", bronze and bronze premium. With a paid membership you have the chance of becoming a silver and later a gold member. The higher your membership is, the closer to the top your name will be displayed in the list of photographers in the "Artists" tab.
With the bronze membership you can upload a many more photos every week, upload photos for critique before screening, make your own exhibitions and make your own quick-url, like Bronze membership is only 39 USD/year.
The bronze premium membership includes everything in the bronze membership as well as an image hosting service, your own personal homepage with unlimited uploads, easy transfer of all of your published and rejected photos on "Onexposure", customizable appearance, smart galleries and a professional blog engine. You will also be able to use your own domain, like All this for 99 USD/year.

Why do you screen pictures? Why not just allow everything? We want "Onexposure" to be synonymous with quality. There are far too many sites out there that will publish your pictures without restrictions. We believe there is a need for a site that favors artistic photography. To get published on "Onexposure" your picture must fit into our artistic vision, it has to pass through our net before others can view it. Honest critique will make you develop as a photographer and encourage you to strive for excellence. We hope that all our visitors will appreciate our quality demands and know that on our site they will always find something interesting.

What is your vision and philosophy? The idea of "Onexposure" is to create a collection of some of the most beautiful photos in the world. We stand up for photography as an art. "Onexposure" is intended as an oasis of quality in a world of never ending commercial messages and constant noise of impressions, a place to rest your mind for a while.
We want the collection to be a source of inspiration, because our firm belief is that anyone can become an artist, if you are determined to improve and put your heart and soul into your work. Art can be anything from painting, making sculptures and composing music to sweeping the street or cutting the grass. No one can deny that cutting a bonsai tree is art. Fundamental to creating art is that you care about your work. Self-criticism and having your work honestly evaluated by others are essential for developing as an artist.
Photo is about expressing yourself. The one general rule about photo is that every photograph you shoot is in fact a self-portrait. Even though a photo resembles reality, the photographer decides where to point the camera, at what time and what settings to use depending on past experience, personality, and mood.
Everyone has the right to be recognized and everyone can find their own meaning in a photograph. We want to provide a place where you will meet others and ultimately find yourself through images.

Who runs this site? This community is founded and developed by two serious amateur photographers from Uppsala, Sweden, Jacob Jovelou and Ralf Stelander. Ursula I Abresch is the head of the team of editors, which consists of another 5 persons. Vernon Trent is a quality advisor helping out with book projects.

How does the screening process work? After you have uploaded a picture, it is placed in a screening queue. An official "Onexposure" photo screener will make the decision of publishing or not immediately if it's an obvioius accept or reject. In most cases the photo will be passed on to the other crew screeners or the members of the community to get a second opinion. Check your "Queue"-page to see which stage of the screening process your picture is in. An official "Onexposure" photo screener always takes the final decision, if the photo has been passed to a member vote.
While screening, we are looking for originality, message, mood, aesthetics and technical quality. The picture should stand out in some way, affect and tell something to the viewer. We won't accept anything that isn't in line with our artistic vision. For more detailed information about upload criteras, check the upload page in "Account".

How does member screening work? If a photo is passed to member screening, members can vote for or against publishing. A rejectreason can be selected from a menu, when voting against publishing. The most common rejectreason will be displayed to the uploader if the photo is not published. When the photo has reached a certain number of votes, usually about 30, the voting stops. Voting is weighted so that the vote of an experienced member counts as many votes of less experienced members. An official "Onexposure" photo screener always makes the final decision. If you don't want the members to vote on your photos go to "Account" and then "Preferences" and turn member screening off.
If you want to influence what's being published, go to "Account" and "Member screening". The only rule for voting is to vote for publishing if you want the photo to be displayed in the collection and vice versa. When voting against, pick a reason for rejection from the dropdown-menu or write your own, but remember to be friendly and write something that will actually help the photographer. If you are unsure about a certain photo it's fine to vote against publishing or leave it blank. Never be afraid to vote, an "Onexposure" photo screener always have the final word to ensure that the artistic vision of the site is maintained.

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