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Kostenloses Digitalfoto-eZine: "PhotographyBB Online Magazine 17" (Juni 2009)

Soeben ist die aktuelle Ausgabe des kostenlosen englischsprachigen "PhotographyBB - Your Guide to Digital Photography" E-Magazins als Acrobat PDF erschienen.

Chefredakteur Dave Seeram zu der aktuellen Ausgabe:

"Issue 17 is all about stunning photography; from photography techniques down to our reader submissions, this month the magazine is packed with photos. Last month we launched a new column on Frequently Asked Questions, and the response has been phenomenal. Readers have emailed in some brilliant questions, and our columnist (Colin Bell) has done a superb job with the responses.

In our Photography Around the World column, photographer Ian Miller takes us to Cambodia, a place of interesting history and rich culture. We also have some tips on how you can make money with your photography, an editorial for the film purists, a look at 50mm prime lenses, and an interview with one very talented photographer!"

Weitere Informationen: site-news/ photographybb-online-magazine-17th-edition