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"Sendoid": die guten Features aus "Rapidshare", "Mediafire" und "BitTorrent"

"Instant on-demand file transfers" verspricht ein neues Angebot von Coffeinated Mind aus Mountain View (Kalifornien); mit "Sendoid" (vormals: "iSendr") ist ein neuer Online-Service online gegangen, der es erlaubt, anderen große Files zur Verfügung zu stellen. "Sendoid" übernimmt dabei die Vermittlerfunktion, die Dateien werden via P2P (Peer-to-Peer) verschlüsselt direkt übertragen. Mit der Desktop-Anwendung können beliebig große Dateien übertragen werden.

Die Fragen udn Antwortend es Anbieters

What is Sendoid? Sendoid is an on-demand peer to peer transfer system. It makes transferring any size file between two people as simple as clicking a link!

Where do my files go? Directly to the recipient. The peer link provided after selecting a file connects the recipient directly to your machine. Files never touch or pass through our servers.

Is Sendoid secure? Sendoid offers security via a 128bit AES encryption algorithm, link obfuscation, and an optional user-set password at the end-point.
Always be cautious when transmitting highly sensitive data over a connection you do not control.

Are there size limits? Sendoid's web interface limits total transfer size based on the resource availability of your local machine. This tends to be somewhere between 600MB and 1gb. Don't worry, we'll warn you if you try to send or receive a file that is too large.

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